Signature Electric : Limited Edition - Series1

"Wow! Plays as well as it looks. Fast and easily played neck. Exceptionally well intonated. Stays in tune across all strings and all frets. Harmonics are exactly above the frets. Clear and bell-like. Each note of a chord is clear and distinguishable, while still being part of the whole. There is no “muddiness” where stuff gets lost. The guitar chimes like a bell - maybe it’s the specific harmonics that are being picked up, maybe it’s a quality of the wood and the neck joint that encourages resonance and sustain. I don’t have another guitar in my collection that has quite this quality. Controls the amp. Even with the amp set up as high gain metal, the guitar controls the amp and doesn’t let the amp run away. It’s quite amazing. Harmonics just jump off the strings. The guitar will do any style you ask. Clean, folk, blues, rock, metal...
The tone control and volume control are well set up. There is enough control via the volume pot to be able to set the amp to its highest gain and then dial it back to the edge of breakup by dialing back the volume. This is not true of some of my other guitars...
So, as the owner of some exceptional instruments already, this one is outstanding even in the company of master luthiers from US and Japan.
Well done, Laurie. Well done."

“...absolutely love it. The photos dont do it justice, it is so stunning and your craftsmanship is incredible. It is also a beautiful sounding instrument with so many usable tones. I'm thrilled with the guitar, thank you so much.” – Brad

"It is a beauty, sounds superb and plays super-fast." W. Hannah